The Top 10 Jewellery Gifts for Women

Top 10 Jewellery Gifts for Women

When it comes to buying jewellery for a woman in your life, it can be very difficult. Jewellery taste varies wildly between women so it becomes very hard to choose. Because of this factor, this Top 10 list will not focus so much on actual designs, but more on categories to choose from. These are gifts that work for most women as classic statements of beauty.

  1. Birthstone

    A birthstone is the perfect personalized option for any birthday, though they work anytime of the year. A birthstone on a simple pendant or ring will show a lot of thought. This option also works well for friends, family and couples.

  2. Statement Ring

    Choosing a statement ring for a woman can take a lot of time but the right decision will earn you a lot of brownie points. You’ll have to take into account her personal style. If she is quite classic, a solid, simply designed cocktail ring works; if she is very fashionable and follows trends closely, then a stack of rings or dual finger rings are very chic and in fashion.

  3. Watch

    This is the best choice for practicality. You can either chose a very understated watch for everyday wear or a quite ‘over-the-top’ watch for special occasions or for someone who just loves some flair. There are so many watches on the market that you can find one to suit anybody.

  4. Heart Tag Bracelet

    Heart tag bracelets are a very sweet style that can be worn everyday. They can be engraved so if you wish to say something important or commemorate something then this is a good choice. These are the best choice for friends and family, though it works great for your partner as well.

  5. Locket

    A locket is a great choice for giving to your partner. By placing a photo inside or having a small message engraved you can show a lot of thought and love in a gift. These are also a good choice for a close friend, or in memory of an event or person.

  6. Pendant Necklace

    A simple pendant necklace is a great classic gift that works for most women. Choosing a simple design usually works best, but be sure to choose something that fits her personal style. A very classic look might not be appreciated by a young adult, and a very modern style might not suit an older lady.

  7. Jewelled Bracelet

    Bracelets with small gems all the way around are a very classic look that would suit someone with more refined taste. Because of the amount of gems and work involved, bracelets can quickly become quite pricey but most women will appreciate the sentiment.

  8. Stud Earrings

    A simple set of stud earrings are a good, more practical choice for everyday wear. Choosing either styled metal ones or ones with a jewel set in them is entirely up to the personal style of the woman involved. Check out our range of earrings.

  9. Hoop Earrings

    Hoops are a great choice for almost any woman. The size will generally decide if they are an everyday item or a special, going out piece. Choosing a smaller hoop will make the item more practical and versatile.

  10. Pearls

    All women should have a set of pearls. However, many women will not wear these very often. It depends entirely on the woman, and the situation as to whether you should splash out on these.

The most important aspect of choosing jewellery is knowing the person receiving it. As long as you understand their style and taste you should have no problem picking out a great piece of jewellery for that special someone in your life. The single best thing you can do is take cues from her current collection of jewellery, and take note of the styles, colours and stones.

If you need help choosing the best gift for the lady in your life, ask us! We are always happy to offer advice and be of help. You can also visit us in store and we will be happy to help you choose the best option to make her smile.

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