Khay Amani Jeweller

Khay Amani

Managing Director & Jeweller

In an industry heavily dictated by tradition, I set out to break the mould. I seek a fresh take on the traditional and apply my own aesthetic to my designs. This does at times mean turning tradition on it's head, but I keep myself in check by ensuring that others find my work both beautiful and desirable. What makes my work individual is my rich heterogeneity as a person, and my heritage as an Indian-Nepalese-Persian born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand. A piece of me is in every design.

Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy

Managing Director, Graphic Designer, & 3D Print Technician

I came on board K. Amani Fine Jeweller with a background in 3D modeling and animation, which blended perfectly with the needs of the company. I help visualise and 3D print work-in-progress jewellery. I also manage this website and design all of our visual collateral.