Sarah and Chase Tree Design Wedding Rings

Sarah and Chase Wedding Rings

What to do when you want a specific design for your wedding ring that needs to match your non-traditional engagement ring?

That’s just the spot Sarah was in after her boyfriend, Chase, proposed to her with a great engagement ring he had found second-hand. The engagement ring featured free-flowing curves along the diamond setting, which created great difficulty in finding an off-the-shelf wedding band to fit it perfectly. But Sarah wanted something even more unique: her wedding band needed to be custom designed with a leaf and branch motif. Chase’s wedding band should match that theme, while remaining unobtrusive, as Chase works with his hands.


How Much Should I Spend On an Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring?

How much to spend on an engagment ring?

Have a Budget and Stick to It

The surest way to keep yourself out of trouble when shopping for an engagement ring is to establish a budget before you see a jeweller. But how much are you meant to spend on an engagement ring? This value has varied since the 1940s from three week’s salary to three month’s salary, or even more! But in this day and age, the most important thing is not how much you spend, but how much meaning you place in your choice of a ring. Yes, your partner will love a ring with some thought put into it, rather than a big mindless rock that puts you so far in debt that it’s beans on toast for both of you until the wedding.

Don’t be afraid to tell the jeweller your budget, even if it is humble. The jeweller will show you a range of rings that fit your budget. Better yet, visit a custom jeweller like K. Amani Fine Jeweller, and we will work with you to ensure you get the best quality stones and design to match your budget.

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