Neil deGrasse Tyson Mural

Have you seen our new mural in store dedicated to our astrophysicist hero, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson? It was painted over a weekend in June by graffiti artist TakerOne, who did an amazing job. The likeness is stunning.

Recently, Dr. Tyson gave a lecture at Auckland’s Spark Arena. Our goldsmith Khay was in attendance and got the chance to meet Dr. Tyson backstage. He even remembered the mural, which left Khay starstruck.

Make sure to check it out the next time you’re nearby our store. It’s a huge mural, so you can’t miss it!

Pokemon Gemstone Madness

This week has been incredible. Grabbing onto the popularity of Pokemon Go, this week we launched a Pokemon-related promotion on Facebook that went viral. We sent out a message to our fans that invited anyway who caught a Starmie creature to come into our store and receive a free gemstone. Up for grabs were hundreds of gemstones including topaz, rubies, garnets, sapphires, amethysts, tanzanites, emeralds, and that perennial favourite, diamonds.


Sue’s Unconventional Wedding Ring

watermelon tourmaline and diamond ring

Sue is an existing customer of ours who thoroughly loves Khay’s design aesthetic and passion for colour in jewels. She came in with some older pieces of jewellery she had inherited and loose small diamonds that had been salvaged from family pieces of jewellery. They still held sentimental value to her and she asked if we can do anything with them.

Sue likes large statement pieces and loves colour, After some discussion about stones and design options, we came up with the idea to use a rare – and drop-dead gorgeous – bi-colour tourmaline in a ring made with the gold and diamonds from her old jewellery. This was a great idea as it combined the sentimental older pieces with the new stone. The idea is poetic: the new big tourmaline represents of her love for her new husband, which is surrounded by the supportive structures of her family represented through the gold and the old diamonds. We freshened the existing gold up and added a bit more so that we could make this big statement wedding ring for her in Khay’s signature opulent style. The result speaks for itself.

Grace and Lorenz

Grace and Lorenz visited us earlier this year and were a bit stuck on ideas for their wedding rings. Grace had some idea of what she wanted but Lorenz wasn’t quite sure. At the consultation we quickly ascertained that both Grace and Lorenz were heavily involved in academia and shared a love of books and fine art. We toyed with these ideas somewhat until I discovered that their surname meant ‘meadow’ in its native language. This concept tied in with some previously discussed ideas and the concept for Lorenz’s ring was born.