Pokemon Gemstone Madness

This week has been incredible. Grabbing onto the popularity of Pokemon Go, this week we launched a Pokemon-related promotion on Facebook that went viral. We sent out a message to our fans that invited anyway who caught a Starmie creature to come into our store and receive a free gemstone. Up for grabs were hundreds of gemstones including topaz, rubies, garnets, sapphires, amethysts, tanzanites, emeralds, and that perennial favourite, diamonds.

It didn’t take long before our Facebook post became shared around office buildings and in other Facebook groups. Word of mouth spread fast, especially after the first few people came in to confirm that the contest was legitimate. We even heard that a professor at the University of Auckland mentioned our promo in his or her class.

Needless to say, it was all hands on deck. Over 250 people came through to show us their Starmies and collect a gemstone. We are so happy to see so many people come through our door and learn about K. Amani Fine Jeweller. Each person who did was treated to a certificate worth $100 off any custom designed jewellery purchase over $399, in addition to their free gemstone. Lots of happy faces all around.

If you didn’t make it in, here are some photos from the event.

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