How To Get the Perfect Match From Just $599 NZD

Hi! It’s Khay Amani of K. Amani Fine Jeweller, and I’ve got a question for you.

Are you having trouble finding a wedding ring that fits next to your engagement ring perfectly?

Maybe you have a gorgeous engagement ring that looks great on its own, but every wedding ring you try on looks less than great when paired next to it.

It’s possible you’ve already realised that the only way you can get the perfect wedding ring to match your engagement ring is to get one custom-made.

But isn’t that expensive?

No need to worry now! At K. Amani Fine Jeweller, we specialise in quality, affordable custom-made wedding rings.

We can make a perfectly matched wedding ring based off your exact engagement ring to your specifications and budget.

Prices start as low as $599 NZD.

You’ve got nothing to lose. For our 100% free, no-obligation consultation and quote, enter your email address in the form below.

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