Jewellery Repair Auckland

Jewellery looks its best on the day you buy it, but over time it can tarnish, scratch, or wear down. K. Amani is a full-fledged jeweller, and we can clean up and repair your items on site. We offer free jewellery assessment and cleaning to all of our customers.

K. Amani is the main source for downtown Auckland jewellery repairs. Our jeweller provides expert on-site jewellery repairs including ring resizing, gemstone replacement, polishing, cleaning, retipping, rhodium-plating, and more. Ask us today!

Most people seeking jewellery repairs in Auckland CBD pop into our store on their lunchbreaks. We are always happy to provide free advice on how to best care for your precious items. It’s always a good idea to have an expert jeweller like K. Amani examine your pieces. Often an inexpensive jewellery repair can save your diamond from becoming lost.

We work on all types of fine jewellery, including sterling silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. We do not work with titanium or tungsten, or with watches.

Along with our central Auckland jewellery repairs service, we offer remodelling options. If you don’t want a jewellery repair but would still like to get the most value of your old items, remodelling is an excellent option.

Remodelling – Turn Something Old Into Something New!

Do you have rings, pendants, earrings, or chains lying around that you never wear? Or would you like to use the diamonds from your grandmother’s ring in a new engagement ring? Our remodelling service sets us apart from other jewellers because we are happy to let you use your existing metal and gemstones to create an entirely new design, which also greatly reduces the cost. Our jeweller will discuss possibilities with you when you bring your old pieces in-store. Book a free design consultation today!

Whether you have a minor jewellery repair or a major remodelling request, we can work with you. No job is too big or too small. Contact us or visit us in store to discuss your jewellery repair options.