Jeff’s Family Heritage Signet Ring Set

Jeff Gold Signet Rings

Finding the perfect way to show off your unique family heritage can be both a precious and daunting task.

Jeff came to our store in the Queen’s Arcade with an interesting proposition: create a set of four 18K gold signet rings based on his Norwegian and Persian ancestry, to give to his children as a reminder of their heritage.

Jeff knew exactly what he wanted, having found a series of images for both the shape of the ring, as well as the family crests to be sculpted along the sides. But Jeff had one huge problem: out of all the jewellers he contacted, no one felt confident that they could create a ring with exactly the level of detail that he wanted. Not only that, but the cost quoted by others was astronomical!

Always ready for a challenge, when Jeff came into our store, we told him that definitely “YES” we could do it and at a very reasonable cost. He hired our services on the spot. This was a significant project, and involved a complex method of creation that relied heavily on our experience and our specialised tools. Furthermore, Jeff provided us with a slab of jasper that also held meaning to his family. We carved custom cabochons from that jasper to be set into the ring. Finally, Jeff wanted each ring to be personalised, with his name and the names of each of his children engraved in Farsi inside each ring, respectively.

This was a huge job, and we worked back and forth with Jeff to ensure we got every detail correct. He had a very specific vision and would not accept compromises to it, so we made sure to deliver exactly what he wanted!

In the end, Jeff was exceptionally pleased with the final result, and asked us to become his family jeweller! That’s some esteem, if we do say so ourselves.

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