A Ring for the Lizard King

Aaron's Lizard King Ring

When your nickname is the Lizard King, you’ve got to have the matching style.

Aaron had an old wrap-around style punch-cut lizard steel ring, but after years of wear, it had lost its lustre. He felt it was time to upgrade and asked whether we could duplicate the ring in 9K white gold. Absolutely!

This was a straight-forward job, and we felt we could improve on the design a bit by not punching all the way through the metal. Instead, we would make a lizard-indentation in the ring and fill it in with black oxidation. Due to working in the food service industry, Aaron’s original ring had developed a lot of detritus in the punch hole, and we felt this design modification could help to reduce that in the future. Aaron liked the idea.

The Lizard King was especially happy with his new lizard ring, and has since become a loyal returning customer.

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